- Mum + Bub Kit -

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Perfect either for yourself or for a friend who is expecting. A great introduction to the many wonderful things you can do for your body as you go through one of the greatest transformations!

For Mums, it contains an essential oil blend to help with morning sickness, and organic loose leaf teas to nourish and to help with breast milk production. For baby, a mild baby soap. Also both Mum and bub can enjoy the organic healing salve (a great natural nappy rash cream!), and a natural sleep balm suitable for the entire family.

Mumma to be Essential Oil Blend – 10ml
Helpful in relieving queasiness and any time during pregnancy for relaxing.

Organic Pregnancy Loose Leaf Tea – 80gm
Designed to care, nourish, strengthen and support your body as baby grows, and prepare you for birth.

Organic Mothers Milk Loose Leaf Tea – 80gm
These herbs have been traditionally used to help mothers support their production of breast milk.

Organic All Heal Salve – 30gm
Great for diaper rash, cracked nipples etc.

Natural Sleep Balm – 30gm
Great for anyone involved, parents, bub, siblings…

Dr Bronners Baby Mild Soap Bar – 140gm
When the time comes so start using soap, true mild soap is the best thing you can choose.

Raw Chocolate Treat – 45gm
A healthy treat to satisfy any chocolate cravings.